Some recent feedback from our students and parents

Octavia McDonald, Undergraduate student at University of Bristol reading Geography BSc Julie started helping me with my geography A level, although not her specialised subject area, she was able to help greatly with my exam technique which resulted in an A* grade at A2. Julie has also been hugely helpful with my course (Geography BSc at the University of Bristol), in all unit areas but particularly with my dissertation. Julie’s research skills make her versatile to any subject and I can honestly say I wouldn’t know what I was doing without her. Julie is the most enthusiastic, calm and encouraging tutor and she makes a very good teacher.” 
Natalie Balfe, Undergraduate student at London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London, BA Fashion Contour I would recommend Croxley tutors, because they offer personal, professional and excellent tutoring. During my time with Julie, I found the tutoring extremely helpful and enjoyable and would look forward to each session. Julie has experience with working with dyslexic students, which is evident by her patience and flexible teaching approach. With her dedication, my written ability has improved tremendously. Julie has helped me to progress both personally and professionally and has increased my confidence in my own abilities, enabling me to reach my full potential. With her support and encouragement I was able to achieve a first class honours in my final year dissertation, a grade I did not think I was capable of. I am extremely grateful for Julies support. Julie’s influential educational drive has motivated me to pursue further studies alongside my career.”  
Alfie Home, Year 11, Pinner (Grade A in Maths) Imrans relaxed approach to tutoring maths built my confidence tremendously. He introduced me to some brilliant ideas for remembering and breaking formulas  down so that I understood them. I learned more in an hour with him than an entire week at school. I flew through my GCSE as a result and now he tutors my brother!”
AS/A Level student: Applied Business Studies A level – A Grade The Royal Masonic School (2010-2012)  “Working with Julie enabled me to achieve an A grade in Applied Business Studies. I found Applied Business Studies to be a difficult subject. However, by visiting Julie regularly I obtained a greater understanding of the subject which improved my confidence and made the exam process less daunting. Whilst visiting Julie we went through past papers, which allowed me to structure answers to the standard required for a high A-level grade.”
AS/A Level student: Business Studies and Geography A level – A* and B Grade The Royal Masonic School for Girls (2009-2011) “Julie tutored me through A level studies, helping me improve my essay writing skills and exam technique. Through working with Julie I managed to bring my predicted B in Business Studies to a final A* enabling me to get into The University of Manchester. I also achieved 100% in my January A level Geography examination. Julie exceptionally increased my confidence in my own work and understanding of the subject matter. Julie was so helpful and patient, without her I wouldn’t have achieved the grades I have today.” 
Zara Ali, A-Level Law at Bushey Meads School (2008) “I decided to attend sixth form after my GCSE’s and study English and Psychology for my A-levels. I attended Bushey Meads School to undertake a two year course. I was a hardworking and eager student. A few months into my A-levels I really felt I was struggling, I could not get to grips with the course, nor was I able to keep up with the workload. Unfortunately after every assignment or exam I received grades D, E or U.  I was unable to understand my Law and English course and unable to revise properly. Luckily, my parents decided I was in need of one to one tuition for Law and got into contact with Julie.  Julie was fantastic, she taught me how to structure my essays, how to note take and an easy technique when writing in exams.  Once Julie taught me how to structure and revise, I was a lot more confident and my writing skills and understanding gradually improved!  I started to enjoy the course and do really well at school. My teacher was really impressed with me as I moved up from a grade U to a grade C. My exams were in June and Julie visited me twice a week.. We constantly went through past papers as well as practising essay writing! I used the essay structure template Julie created for me whilst writing essays Julie timed me. When I undertook my exams, I understood each topic and knew the answers to every question. With the help and support I received from Julie, I came out with a fantastic A-level result! From a grade U & E I was awarded a C for Law. I also received a grade C for my English as I felt my writing skills improved a lot more all thanks to Julie.”
University student: BSc Management 2:1 (Hons) The University of Manchester (2011-2014) “Julie tutored me through my University studies to help me achieve my full potential and overcome my dyslexia. Julie helped me gain a full understanding of subjects I was struggling with and assisted me with developing my essay writing skills up to university standard. I felt the jump from A level Business to University level was vast and Julie made the transition much easier and she gave me the ability to achieve my goal of a 2:1 (Hons) degree.”
University student: New Media Degree – University of Leeds (2012-2015) Julie has enabled me to cope with the challenges with doing a university degree. The degree involves writing a number of complex essays including a dissertation. Julie has primarily helped me to understand the requirements of each module and how to structure and format the essays to a high standard. Without Julie’s guidance I would struggle with university pressure and not achieve to my best ability.”
Mrs Stephanie Harris, London “Imran Vahora is an inspirational tutor.  He turned my son around from being someone who hated Maths and lacked motivation to someone who became determined to do well at GCSE – which he did, thanks to excellent, supportive coaching.”

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