11 Plus day is almost upon us- some final tips from our tuition team!

This Saturday 8th September will see scores of new Year 6 children in South West Hertfordshire  waving their parent goodbye as they prepare to sit the colloquially named ’11 Plus’ exam.

Here is a  last minute checklist and some key bits of advice from our team:

    • Check online – what time is your child’s exam?
    • When do they need to be at their test centre?
    • Can you walk? If driving, it will be busy, so think ahead about parking.
    •  Plan ahead to ward off unnecessary last minute panics.
    • If your child’s test is in the morning:

-Fill his or her tummy- what is for breakfast?

-Pack a nice snack/drink the night before.✔

-Lay out comfy clothes, pencils and rubber✔

( so no thinking required on test day.)

Sort out your child’s body clock!- If your child’s test is at  8.15 in the morning, ensure that they have been waking up before this time for at least the previous week. If  you were training for an early morning race , you would not do all your last minute training at midday.

    • If your child has an afternoon test:
    • What  will you do in the morning ? A bit of fresh air and exercise is a good idea to allay any nerves.
    • What’s for lunch?
    • Who is dropping your child? If he or she is braver with dad- send him!
      • In the Verbal Reasoning section of the test, it is vital that your child reads the question carefully picking out the key words.
      • What is this question asking me?  Do i need to find a synonym, an antonym? Do not waste time an undue amount of time on questions that stump you.
      • How many marks does the question carry?
      • In the mathematics there are 50 questions, many of these should be quick fire- if you are getting bogged down, be sensible and move on

And finally, the academic test is a snap shot- it shows what a child can do, but there are other factors at play including nerves. No child should go into the exam fearing failure or carrying the weight of parental expectation. We are lucky that there are many excellent schools in Hertfordshire and Bucks and a determined child can succeed and flourish in any of them.

      • Be proud! All the preparation your child has put in to revising for the 11 Plus will stand them in very good stead for the rigours of Year 6, SATS, and senior school beyond.
      • Whilst in the 11 Plus speed and accuracy are important; Life is a marathon not a sprint ( yes, another running analogy sorry!🏃‍♂️)
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