11 Plus baseline assessment- Sunday 20th October 2019 10-12.15pm

Croxley Tutors are proud to announce that we are now taking bookings for our 11 plus baseline assessment .

When: Sunday 20th  October  2019 10-12.15 pm

Where: Harvey Road Primary School, Croxley Green, WD3 3BN

The purpose of this baseline assessment is diagnostic, to highlight  the subject areas in which your child already has some level of mastery and those which need further boosting.

Ultimately, the 11 Plus test focuses on speed and accuracy and to build up to this, preparation is key.

Our assessment follows the format of the South West Herts Consortium Test. Your child will sit a 50 minute maths paper with 50 questions, followed by a 10 minute break for snack / toilet, and then a verbal reasoning paper (of 65 questions) in 50 minutes.

We ensure all children feel safe and secure and take time to explain in detail the format of the mock. We  recognise that this may be a student’s  first exposure to a test situation. Answering questions in timed conditions in a  formal environment while a little new, gives invaluable experience and builds your child’s confidence.

It is also a chance  for you and your child to see what they can achieve in a ‘mock’ situation, away from the distractions of home. Our intention is to demystify the experience and allow each child the best chance to enter the real exam relaxed and ready.Our team of experienced teachers will send individualised feedback by email within a week of the mock test. This feedback will focus on areas for improvement with our recommendations for your child’s next steps to be worked on with their parent or tutor.

The cost of the exam is £40 and you must ensure your child brings along two pencils and an eraser, a named bottle of water and a small nut-free snack!

We will only run one pre-Christmas mock test with a series of further mock exams in 2020.

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