‘GL Style’ 11 Plus Mock Exam- Sunday 2nd February 2020 10-12.15pm

Our next 11 Plus Mock Examination will take place on Sunday 2nd February. The exam will simulate the ‘real’ South West Herts Consortium Test, with papers carefully written by our in house subject specialists to provide the appropriate level of challenge and echo the format of this coming September’s test.

So, is it for you? Whether you have been preparing for months, or are still deciding whether to enter your child for the test,  a mock examination serves a number of purposes:

Most of all, it is a great way of desensitising your child to what for many is the first and rather alien experience of sitting an examination in a formal way alongside their peers. Being examined and formally assessed  will become a more regular event in your young peoples lives as they reach the top of secondary school with SATS in Year 6, and school  subject streaming tests, CATS used by secondary schools. It is very important that children build coping mechanisms for such summative assessments. We ensure our students get the most realistic experience of an exam , whilst putting them  at ease and encouraging them to give every question a go and try their best!

Our detailed feedback allows you to use the mock exam as a tool not only for assessment but also to forward plan by  highlighting the areas your son or daughter needs to focus on.


WHERE: Harvey Road Primary School, Croxley Green, WD3 3BN

WHEN:   10 am -12.15 pm Sunday 2nd February 2020

To book your child’s place please email admin@croxleytutors.com , or call Agnes on 07779298286.


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